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Fly Trap.

[For another side of this story, look here]

Amanda Paulson, aka the Idealist, touched down on the lone police boat in Crescent Bay, most of the other boats having gone back to their docks, out to sea or goodness knew where else. On the boat were the people she’d come to view as the usual suspects for the high-level weirdness. 

At least she knew that someone competent was on the case. Whatever that case was. 

Special Investigator Ahn Hyun Jung gave the girl in the red costume a curt nod as she stared hard up at the Memorial Bridge which spanned between the two ends of Crescent Bay’s shoreline.

"So… what’s the deal?" Amanda asked after a couple moments of trying to figure out what part of the bridge the Special Investigator was staring at so hard. "Heard there’s some kind of evacuation going on?"

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